Vidal Sassoon 0 Gravity

Vidal Sassoon 0 Gravity campaign site

Vidal Sassoon has first launching the Men line hair product. The campaign is named “0 Gravity”.  We created zero Gravity website experience through interactive journey. The beginning of website is started from the bottom.  And the always on zero gravity button trigger the zero gravity environment. The objects will flowing around which you press the button. At the same time the promotion coupon will come out each time which you click the button.

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Shiseido MAQUillAGE 3D Beauty Makeover

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 4.04.53 PM

The idea has the M rules of the 3D beauty Makeover. For this campaign, We created a  golden ratio face test. The participant upload the photo, the system will analyse your golden ratio face and give you the end results. Afterward we educate the participant how to do the enhancement by using 3D beauty Makeover.

Olay Women’s Day. Fearless of Age.

Olay Women’s Day. Fearless of Age.

“The number that defines you is not your age, but your achievements”

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